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Can WinTess analyze for steel structure of the tensile membrane system?

Yes, WinTess is capable of analyzing the supporting structure using steel tubes.

Can I use WinTess in my native language?

WinTess currently supports 6 languages; English, Catalan, Spanish, French, Portuguese and Turkish. If one of them is your native languages, then yes. Otherwise, no. However, we expect to add more languages in the future.

Does WinTess use database for cables and steel tubes?

Yes, WinTess has a separate database for each structural component group: Cables, steel tubes and membranes. You can easily edit the databases according to what you have in stock or what is available in your local market. WinTess will use these tables when picking the suitable one.

What will WinTess give me at the end of analyze? Stresses or dimension of structural elements?

WinTess will give you both. However, getting the proper cable sizes etc. is easier and faster. Otherwise, you have to do a lot of calculation to pick the best dimension.

Do I have to assign wind load factors (Cp) manually?

You don’t have to. WinTess can assign Cp values automatically. It works pretty well. However, if you know exact Cp values, manual assignment is also available. Especially, if you have results of wind tunnel testi it is better to use manual assigment for the precision.

I have a great idea for WinTess?

That’s fantastic. Please share it with us on info@wintess.com. Thank you for that.