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Basic concepts The membrane structures are constructed by providing a pretensioning force to membrane. The reasons for the prestressing are several: Self weight of the membrane would deform it, forming unforeseeable wrinkles and making her exposed to uncontrolled movements. Considering that the membranes can only withstand tension, if we put it a tensioned state, when there are loads produced by external actions (snow, wind,…) to create compression, this compression will be compensated by the prestressed …Read More


Basic concepts In inflatable structures, they can be supported by air (large covered spaces of which membrane is hold in place by the overpressure of the interior with respect to the outside) or in the form of pneumatic structural elements inflated to pressures much higher than the previous ones like arches, bars, etc. . WinTess3 and pressure an action of pressure in WinTess3 program is applied through the window of surface loads which can …Read More


Basic concepts In those cases where a tensile structure is situated in an area where it snows regularly, snow load is usually greater than the wind load and could become a real problem for the structure. The different regulations usually set a constant snow load for the different areas and different altitudes in each country. This snow load corresponds more or less the thickness produced by a heavy snowfall or the accumulation of …Read More


Basic Concepts The wind is one of the most important actions to be taken into account in a lightweight tensile structure. Except those which are placed in interior in a decorative way, we always consider the action of wind. In some areas of the World, this action is of vital importance, while in others it can go to second order behind the action of snow. Although there is no specific wind regulations …Read More

Point Loads

Basic concepts Tensioned structures without membrane surfaces are achieved through wire mesh, such as an aviary. In the absence of membrane, if we wish to apply snow or wind (which are very small but not non-existent), we should apply directly at nodes in WinTess3. We can also apply other loads due to objects that we hang from the mesh. WinTess3 and point loads We will have to apply the point loads node by …Read More


In order to analize a structure, in addition to define and realize that structure, we must refer to some external actions, because otherwise there will be nothing to analyze. The most common actions to be considered in the tensile structures which can be applied in WinTess3 are: Self weight As in any structure we must consider the weight of its components that form it. In the case that we are considering, generally the weight of …Read More