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Tensile membrane surfaces are almost never flat. In fact, they should not never be. They are warped surfaces. These surfaces can be classified into two groups: Whatever the type of surface, to build it, we need to put patterns together obtained from a flat material, usually served in membrane rolls. In the same way that we cut the fabric and sew to make a dress, we have to cut patterns and join them. Today, joining by …Read More


Translating 3D Structure to 2D Membrane Fabric Rolls Membrane surfaces are almost never flat. In fact they should never be. These are warped surfaces. These surfaces can be classified into two groups: – Synclastic surfaces They have the same curvature at all points. That is the intersection of a plane perpendicular to said surface produces a line of intersection which is always concave towards the same side. – Anticlastic surfaces …Read More

Searching for form

Searching form (“form-finding”) of a tensostructure1 is one of the basic tasks in the design of tensile structures: those made with membranes, cables, belts, etc. Ensuring that the whole structure is in tension is not something immediate since we can easily meet with warped surfaces, wrinkles even at rest under the load of self weight. According to actions which are always in one direction (pneumatic structures, structures with heavy surfaces, …Read More