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Using Auxiliary

There are forms that are difficult, impossible or very tedious to define as we need to know the coordinates of all the fixed points. Forms that are supported on arches are the typical case of those . For these activities, WinTess3 provides a tool which is called Auxiliary (points, lines,…). Using Auxiliary, we draw objects that are in the same 3D space of tensile structure but do not belong to the structure. The …Read More

Menu: Auxiliaries

New This submenu opens the window of creation of auxiliary lines. The auxiliary lines and auxiliary points (an auxiliary line is nothing more than an orderly succession of auxiliary nodes) are objects that are not part of the structure. They are drawn with a orange and we serve as a reference for the structure. We can use them as: Points where to begin or end a geodesic line. Points where …Read More


The WinTess3 works with objects. There are several types of objects, each one of them has its own properties. Some of them are used continuously, while others are only used in some state or phase of the program. Objects that are used at any time: Nodes: A point in space. Bars: A line in space that goes from one node to another node. Elements: A triangle in space whose vertices are nodes. …Read More