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Modify pattern

Since the Draw patterns window draws all the patterns, we can do two equivalent actions: Press the left mouse button on any of the patterns. Write the number (or click side scroll arrows) of the pattern that we wish to modify in the top left box of the screen. We have many values in the left margin . We are going to comment on them: General data Number Each pattern has a …Read More

Draw patterns

Once the creation of patterns is completed (or at any time, if have at least one pattern created) we can go to the screen where we will see and modify patterns in two dimensions. For that purpose, we can use the menu Patterns |Draw patterns or the button   if we are in the state of Patterning. With this action, we get the drawing window of patterns. By default it occupies the whole screen. …Read More


Basic concepts The membrane structures are constructed by providing a pretensioning force to membrane. The reasons for the prestressing are several: Self weight of the membrane would deform it, forming unforeseeable wrinkles and making her exposed to uncontrolled movements. Considering that the membranes can only withstand tension, if we put it a tensioned state, when there are loads produced by external actions (snow, wind,…) to create compression, this compression will be compensated by the prestressed …Read More

Prestressing membrane

In the field of the tensile structures, especially those of membrane but also in the cable nets, it is well known that we should give a pre-stress to membrane. It will provide the structure of a rigidity needed to better withstand the loads and, above all, have some deformations considerably less than those that would have been with the structure without prestress. This pretension can occur, at the time of …Read More