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Modify Form

Once we have completed the creation of the mesh, we are in the main program screen WinTess3. At this point we need to look at a very important aspect: What about the menu Calculate | Form finding (automatic)? If it is marked with the symbol ✔, it means automatic Form finding is enabled when you modify any data and also in the initial stage. Therefore what we are going to see …Read More

Program Modules

Tensile Architecture, as any other type of architecture, passes through a few different design phases. However, these phases tend to clearly differentiate three very different tasks or states: Form finding Analysis of the structure Patterning and detailing That’s why some computer programs that are used in this field of Tensile Architecture are thought for only one of these tasks. Others, such as WinTess3, serve for all three. In that sense, …Read More

Searching for form

Searching form (“form-finding”) of a tensostructure1 is one of the basic tasks in the design of tensile structures: those made with membranes, cables, belts, etc. Ensuring that the whole structure is in tension is not something immediate since we can easily meet with warped surfaces, wrinkles even at rest under the load of self weight. According to actions which are always in one direction (pneumatic structures, structures with heavy surfaces, …Read More

Creating a complex model

(Version >= 3.91) If we want to generate a membrane structure like the one shown in the picture below we can do so through the union (mixture) of different simple elements. This is generated, through File menu | New | 2 arches, as a module with 8 meters wide (opening of the arch) and 5 meters in length (distance between arches). We set the height of the central point in …Read More

Creating a cushion

With the advent of ETFE in the world of lightweight construction, cushion creation has become a common strategy. A cushion is a set of two membranes: one upper and one lower. Therefore, the best way to approach this creation in WinTess3 is to create the two separate membranes and then put them together. Suppose that we want to build a cushion of 4 x 10 m with a height of …Read More