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Multi-geodesic lines

With this menu you can draw several geodesic line at the same time: Trans-auxiliar Select an existing auxiliary line. For this purpose the segments making up the auxiliary creates a plane perpendicular to the auxiliary at each segment. These planes cut the membrane perimeter at two points (sometimes more). A geodesic between two correlating points is drawn. Trans-geodesic Perform the same process, but using the segments that make up an already existing geodesic line. Between two geodesic With this …Read More

Multi-geodesic lines (1)

The most common method of creating patterns on a membrane involves drawing geodesic lines on the membrane.  Justification of the layout of the geodesic lines is beyond the scope of this text . Although the geodesic lines can be drawn freely to form patterns of any shape and position, it is common that the route of the geodesic lines follow some models determined: Geodesic lines more or less parallel to …Read More