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Basic concepts The membrane structures are constructed by providing a pretensioning force to membrane. The reasons for the prestressing are several: Self weight of the membrane would deform it, forming unforeseeable wrinkles and making her exposed to uncontrolled movements. Considering that the membranes can only withstand tension, if we put it a tensioned state, when there are loads produced by external actions (snow, wind,…) to create compression, this compression will be compensated by the prestressed …Read More


If there is a membrane in the structure you will need to generate the triangular elements that represent it. If we forget these elements the program believes that we are analyzing a wire mesh and can neither calculate snow, nor wind, nor pressure, etc. Moreover, we will not be able create patterns later. To generate the elements, we will use the menu Elements | Automatic generation. This process can be a little …Read More

Prestressing membrane

In the field of the tensile structures, especially those of membrane but also in the cable nets, it is well known that we should give a pre-stress to membrane. It will provide the structure of a rigidity needed to better withstand the loads and, above all, have some deformations considerably less than those that would have been with the structure without prestress. This pretension can occur, at the time of …Read More