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Results of load combinations

The results of load combinations are presented in a window with a set of tables where the most interesting values of each scenario are grouped. This window can be resized with the mouse if needed. In this window, we see a series of buttons whose use is obvious: Exit, to leave this window HTML, to display the table in your web browser, HTML format (format and colors) Export Excel (CSV), to export …Read More


Similar to the cable window there is a window for tubes. It is reached via the menu Tubes| Edit. It is easier because there is only one type of tubes. Tubes match the tube type bars, but they are considered as separate objects. For example, I can modify a tube type bar to cable type bar and the bar does not disappear but the tube does. For comments on the use of this …Read More


The WinTess3 works with objects. There are several types of objects, each one of them has its own properties. Some of them are used continuously, while others are only used in some state or phase of the program. Objects that are used at any time: Nodes: A point in space. Bars: A line in space that goes from one node to another node. Elements: A triangle in space whose vertices are nodes. …Read More