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Program Modules

The tensile architecture, as any other architecture, passes through a few different design phases.
However, these phases tends to clearly differentiate three very different tasks or states:

  1. Form finding
  2. Calculation of the structure
  3. Patterning and detailing

It is for this reason that many computer programs that are used in the field of architecture tensioned only serve for any of these tasks. Some of them, such as WinTess3, serve for all three. In this context, we find suite type programs consisted of various modules which can be purchased separately, each devoted to a task (or subtask), and others that can deal with the three tasks within the same program.

WinTess3 is a single program which runs in three different states. It is as if we have three programs in one. In fact, the program saves the files of the same structure according to the state with different names.


In the top left of the window, there is a drop-down menu in which you can choose the state of the program we want to work.