In all type of structures, but mainly in lightweight construction, we can apply the concept of redundancy []. RedundancyĀ is the duplication of critical components or

Safety Factors and Combinations

The WinTess software checks if a structure properly supports the loads applied using the ā€œRatioā€ concept. The ratio is a numerical value indicating how close

Pattern Types

Patterning is one of the basic tasks of designing tensile membrane structures. It is also one of three modules of WinTess software shown in top

Multi-geodesic Lines

The most common method of creating patterns on a membrane involves drawing geodesic lines on the membrane. Justification of the layout of the geodesic lines

Corner Plates

Tensioned membrane surfaces need a perimeter capable of counteracting the tension of the membrane. To do this, you can opt for different possibilities: A fixed

Torsional Stability

It is well known that a structure without any fixed point can not be analyzed. It would be as if floating in a state of

Cross Compensation

The common way of patterning of a tensile membrane is to break down to triangles which are always flat (see the below figure). This series