WinTess3 and DXF Files

The DXF (Drawing Exchange Format) are for exchanging files in CAD drawings. It is a format created by Autodesk in order to import and export

Searching for Form

Searching form (“form-finding”) of a tensostructure is one of the basic tasks in the design of tensile structures: those made with membranes, cables, belts, etc.

Prestressing Membrane

In the field of the tensile structures, especially those of membrane but also in the cable nets, it is well known that we should give

Offset (Interior)

In the article called Offset (exterior) we have seen how we can create fictitious bars (external lines) to simulate the connecting elements (shackles, turnbuckles, …

Offset (Exterior)

When we are looking for a form of a membrane we work with a certain geometry: vertices, cusps, straight edges, arcs, etc. This geometry is

Creating a Complex Model

(Version >= 3.91) If we want to generate a membrane structure like the one shown in the picture below we can do so through the

Integrated calculation

Introduction It is common to find complex structures in both engineering and architecture. We understand complex structures that are formed by various type of structural

Modifying Patterns

Sometimes we find a membrane to which you have applied a certain design. Everything has been done successfully, but at some point we would slightly