Sometimes we find a membrane to which you have applied a certain design. Everything has been done successfully, but at some point we would slightly change the pattern.

The reasons can be different:

  • the pattern does not fit into the width of the fabric by a little while you have enough membrane to compensate on the next pattern.
  • we wish to avoid the seam between patterns pass through a given point.
  • we must coordinate the pattern with something external: another membrane, the metal structure, etc.

Let’s see how we can make these changes without having to recalculate all the pattern.

Suppose that we have made the pattern that you see in the image

Original pattern

And we see that the pattern 3 is too wide and 4 too narrow. We would like to move the seam between patterns 3 and 4 a little bit. So let’s start by creating two new auxiliary points that will be the new ends of the geodesic line which will separate patterns 3 and 4.

Through the menu Auxiliary | New we select the Point and then create two new nodes on the perimeter by pointing out.

New ends of the geodesic line

Then we create another geodesic line with the same number of points that the geodesics we want to change has.

New geodesic line

By the Nodes | Move nodes we move nodes of old geodesic to the new geodesic line.

5 points already moved

Once the process of moving points completed, patterns have been modified automatically.

In older versions, image of the modified patterns may not be shown. In this case, we recommend to save the file and reopen it. We will see that indeed the patterns have been modified with the proposed changes.