Mall of Arabia, Cairo

Project Details

Client: Arabian Centers, Tensile Structure Consultant:Prof. Dr. Ramon Sastre, Design, Fabrication and Installation: Onart Membrane Structures, Year of Completion: 2011

Project Description

The structure in the courtyard of the Shopping Mall consists of 2 sections separated by a curved glass wall. The double-layered closed area is air conditioned. Open area which is adjacent to this section is single layer. The closed area has 6 conoidal forms hang on a 35m-tall gigantic truss column. There are 2 more conoids on pin joint columns to supplement the closed section. The conoidal forms are connected to each other by valley cables. With its 22.800m2 area, it is the biggest and the most magnificent membrane structure of Egypt. The structure is designed using WinTess by Onart Membrane Structures.