Tensile Membrane Structure for an Open Pavilion

Project Details

Form Finding, Structural Analysis and Dimensioning using WinTess: An academic thesis by Micol Palmieri, Supervisors: Prof. Andrea Micheletti, Prof. Ilaria Giannetti, Co-supervisor: Eng. Roberto Canobbio

Project Description

This academic thesis was accomplished by Micol Palmieri under supervision of Prof. Andrea Micheletti, Prof. Ilaria Giannetti with co-supervisor Eng. Roberto Canobbio at the Department of Civil Engineering and Computer Engineering, Tor Vergata University of Rome. Following the parametric modelling of project geometry using Grasshopper, the resultant mesh was imported to WinTess. Then, WinTess was used for form finding, structural analysis, foundations and patterning processes. Also, dimensioning of the materials used included foundations have been calculated by WinTess. Stresses are calculated for SLS and ULS through load combinations.