In the calculation of the tensile structures we tend not to use regular calculation in the world of architecture or engineering programs. In fact, large calculation programs are often structured in suite mode, i.e. composed of more or less independent modules. In some of these suites are modules devoted to tensile structures. However, the most common way is to use some specialized software dedicated to tensile structures.

Can we calculate this type of structures by hand without computers? The answer should be “yes”. However, if we ask the question in another way: Do you calculate this type of structures by hand without computers? The answer is now “no”.

The reason is to be found in the speed, accuracy, more precise knowledge of the deformations, compliance with certain regulations, etc. But we must never forget that these structures began to be popular in a time when computers were not yet used in architecture. Therefore, most calculations were done manually. This meant a great knowledge of the structural concepts. Today, sometimes we miss this knowledge as it seems that you can calculate something through the use of a program that one would not be able to calculate in another way.

Therefore, we recommend to use this part of WinTess3 dedicated to the calculation, only to users who have sufficient knowledge of structural analysis.

Having made this recommendation, we can now move on to see how WinTess3 approaches the process of calculation or analysis of the structure.