The membrane tensioned between two arches is a classic. This can be found in a variety of forms. In fact, the blog entry Creating a complex model uses this type of form in various ways.

This window of mesh creation between two arcs allows we to:

  1. Generate a symmetrical mesh
  2. Generate a asymmetrical mesh with unequal heights of the arches. In this case, if we enter h = 0 on one side, we will have a membrane between an arc and a straight horizontal line.

To define the geometry, we set:

  1. The width of the arc
  2. The height of the arc (of the two sides if it is an asymmetric shape)
  3. The outwards tilt (of the two sides if it is an asymmetric shape). If the slope is towards inside, we enter a negative value.
  4. The distance between the two arches
  5. The bow or sag of the boltrope that goes from arc to arc. If this is a straight line, enter f = 0
  6. The height of the central point

Finally, we define the number of longitudinal patterns. If, in reality, we would like to have the patterns of other form, subsequently we delete them and create those we wish.