The WinTess3 program works through an interface based on the main screen:

In this screen we can see the following areas:

  • Title
    WinTess3 text: followed by the full path of the file in which you are working.
  • Menu
    Main menu of the program. It is possible that depending on which state of the program (Form finding, Analysis or Patterning) in, certain elements are inactive or simply invisible.
  • Buttons
    There are three areas of buttons:
    ‚Äď The top buttons, just below the main menu, each with a descriptive icon. In the central area are two text boxes that control the rotation of the image on the screen.
    ‚Äď The buttons on the left, each with a descriptive text.
    ‚Äď The buttons on the right, each one with a descriptive icon.
  • Axes
    A small graphic below the buttons on the left shows the status of the coordinate axes X,Y,Z all the time.
  • Status line
    Bottom line of the screen that shows a series of data related with the program and the analyzed structure.