In the state of analysis, once having arrived or not the state of balance of the structure, the most normal thing is to evaluate the results.

The fastest way to get an idea is through the Ratio option, which can be accessed via the menu Graphics | Ratio or Ratio button on the left.

However, if we want numerical results, we must go to the tables of results in the different menus:

Nodes: initial data, final data, supports, loads.
Bars: initial data, final data, rigid bars.
Elements: initial data, final data, loads.
Cables: final data.
Foundations: final data.

However, these tables contain a large amount of information, but the greater part of it is usually unnecessary. In order to get them in a condensed form from the greater part of the meaningful information, we have Results option. Through it,  we get most of the data necessary to understand the actual behavior of the structure in a grouped manner.


We find the following data in this window which you can save, print or export to other formats:

  1. Actions applied: snow, wind, etc.
  2. Weight of the structure, differentiating weight of the tubes, cables and the membrane.
  3. Results in the fixed nodes (reactions)
  4. Axial loads on the tubes
  5. Maximum tension in the membrane
  6. Tension on the rim ropes
  7. Traction on the free cables.