The WinTess3 program is the latest version of the software created as the focus of my PhD thesis in 1981.

At that time, the software was called TESS and written in FORTRAN, for use in a computer of the era, with punch cards, no any kind of graphical (without graphic screen or plotter) output, and a few purely alpha-numeric results. Afterwards, the program evolved with images on screen (when graphical screens were accessible) and finally with graphic printer and plotter output.

Programming language also showed a parallel evolution. Fortran moved to QuickBASIC, hence to Visual Basic and finally to Xojo (formerly REAL Studio and Real Basic) which is the software currently used.

The arrival of Windows (circa 1992) program was renamed as WinTess (QuickBASIC), WinTess2 (Visual Basic), and finally WinTess3 by adapting Xojo and open graphics library OpenGL.