On many menus, when you press on them, the program displays a window with a table of data. In all these data tables, it is important to know what we can do with them.

At the top of the table, there are 4 buttons:

  • Exit
    Obviously it is the button used to close the window with the table.
  • HTML
    Displays the table in the Internet browser. From there, you can print, save, etc,.
  • Export Excel (CSV)
  • Save
    The table is saved in a text file, maintaining the column structure.
  • Print
    The table is printed while maintaining the column structure. If we want any special or particular treatment, it is best to use the save button and then make the changes you want.

We can distinguish three types of rows in the table itself:

  • Header
    This is highlighted by the buttons. It is important to know that these buttons can be used to sort the table using the values in the column in ascending or descending order. For example, if we press on the column Lf, entire table is resorted using the column Lf in descending order. If you press again on the same button, the table is sorted again, but this time using the column Lf in ascending order.
  • A row¬†with a gray background
    Is not always visible. It is used to indicate the type of units for the column in question.
  • Data
    The rest of the table with the data.

Export Excel (CSV)

Pressing this button, the program saves the data table in a CSV file This is a file of ‚Äúcomma separated values‚ÄĚ that can be opened automatically with a¬†spreadsheet program that you installed on the computer. If there is no spreadsheet program installed, this option is useless.

Formulas are not saved, only the values. In other words, if a value is sum of a column in the table, the spreadsheet will have only the final value in text format.

We can, of course, create the formula in the worksheet, but, for this, we must take into account a very important fact: the configuration of WinTess about the comma ‚Äú,‚ÄĚ or dot ‚Äú.‚ÄĚ as decimal separator.

WinTess3 exports the real numbers using the point or comma as the decimal separator.  In doing this, WinTess takes the value defined in the options window.