We call the bottom of the main screen as the status line. In this line, the programs usually provide information of a series of parameters relating to the program and to the object that is being analyzed.

WinTess3 presents, from left to right, the following information:

  • 403/30
    It represents the¬†coordinates of the mouse¬†as it moves on the screen. It has no more use than the check at any time that the program is not ‚Äúhung up‚ÄĚ but is performing a task that involves¬†a high processor usage. It is also useful in programming phase.
  • Vers. 3.138(7)
    Indicates the version of the program.
    Indicates the name of the user. It is necessary that this value is not null for the program to work correctly.
  • WinTess3 # 8.03.2016 # 15.41
    Title of the structure being analyzed. We must remember that the name of the file with the full directory information is located in the title of the window at the top.
    Phase of work on which the program is located. Normally when the phase is not blank, the cursor has some form (a pointing finger , a clock of expected , etc. ). If this value is blank, the program is at rest.
  • B425
    Indicates the number of the node or the bar we last visited with the mouse. This field is also used for internal codes of the program that are useful only in programming phase.
  • T/kg
    This drop down  allows us to work with two types of units:

‚Äď kN¬†/¬†N