The hyperbolic paraboloid is a paradigmatic example of the membranes of double curvature. Although its use is much lower than that of conoids of revolution, it is also a model quite usual.

That is why WinTess3 has a special module dedicated to generate this type of models. This is a parametric object that, through a set of values, generates a certain ‚Äúhypar‚ÄĚ (hyperbolic paraboloid) defined by:

  • Coordinates of the four vertices (3D)

  • Sag¬†(curvature) of the four sides

  • Tripods, bipodes or fixed vertices defined by the mast height, tilt and gap¬†of the cables.
    h = 0 means that there is no tripod  >>  fixed vertex.
    c = 0 means that it is a bipod (a mast and a cable).

In the bottom right, above the buttons Cancel and OK, there is a checkbox for automatic creation of geodesic lines diagonally, parallel to the direction of the vertices 1-3. If this check box is selected, you can choose the number of geodesic lines to be created.